Beach Trip

A few days eralier we went for a trip to a beach. Few of my friends are getting married, and they wanted a last trip with group so we planned a trip to a beach. Though beach in eastern India are not blue water beaches, but I enjoyed the company of my friends.


It was a 4 hour journey. First by train then by taxi. After reaching I saw that water from the sea was touching the feet of the resort. we had to enter the resort from the back door because there was no way to park the car in from of the resort (because of water).


After getting refreshed we went to see the water. I saw the beach after 3 years and it felt so great. That sound of water, peaceful environment. We went for a walk on the beach as soon as water level went down. It was the first time I saw the water level change to such a great distance from the shore.

Water went backwards in afternoon and came up again in the evening. It went back to the same distance in the mid night and was back, touching the resort walls in morning. It was great to see such a change of the water level in sea. I was lucky to see the sunset in the evening and it was such a beautiful scene from the resort.



Food was decent. It was East Indian food with fish and chicken apart from what is there in the pic. The above package is known as “Thali” consisting different varieties of dishes. Getting food like that in remote location was surprising.




After a long time, I spent my weekend with friends, peaceful time. It was a wonderful trip. Would plan for another trip like this. 🙂