New Day


Wakeup- breakfast-work-lunch-work-dinner-sleep- Wakeup

Most of us follow this daily routine and we are not happy with that. But most of us are too lazy to change it. We will continue to do whatever it is.  That’s what makes us lazy, non-performer, dull and boring. To make our life happy, we need to change our routine. Ever one thinks that life is boring but they don’t know how to make it happening.

It’s never too late to change the routine and start something new. I started this blog just for a change! Every day is the new day. A human sleeps just to refresh the memory and refresh the energy of the body, to starts a new day with new energy and enthusiasm. God gave us sleep as a reset button. Consider this new day in a new way and start bringing smile to the people around you. That will make you happy as well. This is a chain process and your one smile will be passed on to millions. Who knows, one day I see one of your’ passed on smile on someone’s face.

Will you send me a smile? 🙂