Lost more then I gained

After 2 months, I went to my home town to attend one of my friend’s marriage.

The route was first to reach Delhi, then have some party with friends residing there. Then to visit a friend for his marriage in a city in Rajasthan. It was a get together for me as well as my friends. I met few of my friends after  4 years. The marriage event went great. I made few new friends as well. My stay was wonderful. We spent most of the time (almost 2 days) together. And it was a lifetime event where we took wonderful photographs and spent some wonderful moments.

Then I visited my home to meet my family. Everyone was happy. It was a sunny day. Cool air was blowing through the window. I had lunch with my family. My mom cooked my favourite dishes. Then after having some rest, I had evening tea with my mom. My mom was happy to spend time with me after a long time. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was my mom’s brother’s call. My father picked it up and then came the bad news. My nani (my mom’s mother) got heart attack and she was dead. She was living in another city 500 KM away from my city. Within no time we booked our tickets to reach there. It was the saddest day of my life. My loving nani was gone towards stars.

Irony is, there were 2-3 things I remember that pointed that I will go to her city this way or that way. Just 15 days before her (my nani’s) mom (I called her badi-nani. badi is a Hindi word, meaning here is older) was dead (she was 100+). After 3-4 days of her death, my nani saw a dream where my badi-nani asked my nani “Wear your shoes and lets go.”(my nani told this to one of my relative). The day my nani died, in morning I was talking to my mom about the health of my nani. My nani called me 15 days before, at the cremation event of my badi nani, and asked me to meet her when ever I come to my home-town. May be the event was already written in god’s diary! This can’t be proven scientifically but this can only be felt within.

My nani was a great cook and I always loved delicious dishes she made. Everyone including my friends remember the hospitality shown by her, when ever I visited her with my friends. Though she was 85, she did all her household work from cleaning cloths to cooking food on her own till the end. She was the fittest lady I have ever seen. Thinking about her gives me the strength to move forward in life and not stopping because of any  difficulty. She was the true inspiration for me. And I think today, if I am here, that is just because of her. She taught my mom how to live life at best and my mom taught those things to me.


Above is the pic taken at a family event. This pic was specially arranged to keep memories that at a time there were four generations alive altogether.

Now, 2 generations are gone within 15 days. A sad start of the new year.  I wish I met my nani & badi-nani before she left us. RIP. I miss you!