You came alone on this earth and the first relation that was given to you was that of between a mother and her child. Second was that of between Dad and his child. Rest all follows.

Parents always become happy on the birth of their child because a child is like second soul of them. They take care of the baby, feed, care, teach each and everything from birth to death. They teach you the way to live life. They make you a better person. And best one is they teach you how to Love. They teach you how to, Love god, parents, relations, surroundings, nature and things no matter those belongs to us or not. To live and bring positive vibes all the way from heaven to earth. When a person start living his life on his own, he start struggling in life. Get many problems in daily life that brings tension in his mind and he start hating things around him. He starts criticising and starts feeling the pressure. He stops loving and contacting his family & friends and stops connecting with nature. He forgets what his parents taught him. He starts completing his life targets and give in all leaving behind most valuable things: relationships. As soon as the contact with the family is broken, the world becomes dark and then darker. No friends, no family. That phase brings the depression and that never stops coming back again and again. In depression, people start thinking about the relationships as a duty and keep pushing themselves to the core to satisfy all needs of those relationships, but fails. They forget the part that love  is not a duty, but a beautiful relationship. A god gift which should be watered regularly to keep it healthy. The basic cause of this situation is that we stop loving ourself and start living life for others. We start making compromises and we start doing things for others forgetting us. This situation is common because from birth we are bound to the relations and we cross through a thousands of relationships till the middle age, relationships made by family, society and personal. And most of us do not know how to handle all these with love, care and happiness. So, if you do not want to see yourself in this type of situation, start from the basic. Start loving yourself. Start loving all the things those are associated to you, and your surroundings. Stop criticizing things and start making progress. Keep all the negative thoughts away from your mind and stay positive. Until and unless you start loving yourself, you cannot love others. This is also important to fly high in the career. This makes life beautiful and happy. This brings positive vibes in the surroundings. This makes you healthier and happier and this makes life easier to handle. So if you want to be happy, First Love Yourself. love-pictures-quotes_2010-2 love-pictures-quotes_2016-0 great-love-quotes_9917-2 your-journey Wish you a smile and a healthy relationship. 🙂