Sidney Sheldon: Memories of Midnight Review


Today, I completed reading the Memories of Midnight, which was published in 1990 by Sidney Sheldon. A nice story full of drama in the end. Honestly, it took me 15 days to finish this small book. I was not so interested in the beginning of the story to complete and get to know, what’s next. According to some reviews, this is not the taste of Sidney Sheldon writing. It is a level below then expected, but I have enjoyed the story (not much, somewhat). Characters in the novel were doing fine, One powerful character and a conspiracy around him. How he got rid of all the connecting dots which were there to prove his bad character to the world and how he plays around with life of people to get rid of them. He lives for women and money. But a revenge was there in his mind, that became the reason of his end.

While racing towards the end, everything was going normal. All were playing their part to get the revenge to save and take lifes. But, suddenly 2-3 shocking events happen and story turns around. With 2-3 turns everything vanishes in the sky.

The story moves around Catherine Douglas and her memory. How Costa plans each and everything and gets trapped in his own web. Few characters come and go, and again appear to in the end. As soon as some twist came into the story, My curiosity increased to finish the story and get to know what happened. I like the conspiracies and climex. 😉 I have to buy the previous version of this story “The Other Side of Midnight”, published in 1973, of which Memories of midnight is a sequel. I will not spill the beans and share each and every part of the novel. Read it, and get to know. 😛 But I would recommend to read “The Other Side of Midnight” first.

Let’s read another one! 🙂