Sidney Sheldon : The Naked Face review


Today I completed reading another novel of Sidney Sheldon: “The Naked Face”. The book is full of suspense and drama. Initially I felt that the story is a group of various small stories and events are happening one after another. But as things started happening with the doctor, who is the lead actor in the story, everything started getting connected to each other. All the characters in the story played their part well. The story is centric to the doctor Judd, and how he used his instincts to study various personalities and events. As soon as events started happening in his life, he started getting confused while connecting the dots. He was struggling with his own thoughts like his patients did. Few characters had very small parts to play. And the author tried his best to maintain the suspense till the end.

The ending of the story was not perfect though (In my opinion) as I felt there should be more to it. I felt the ending is incomplete. Last 2-3 chapters were running just to complete the story and telling the reader all the clues about different events. Something as if author wants to tell everything about what actually happened from the starting and how story was completely different then stated before. It was a small story but smart and I would recommend a onetime read to this book. I don’t want to tell you that what characters were in the novel because that would not be a justice to the author. 😛 😉
I hope you will read one and share your thoughts. If you have already read this, how did you feel?
I also need some more good novels to read. Please suggest!!