14 years old Cheetah Sketch

A cheetah Sketch:


Cheetah is a the fastest land animal with a speed of 112 to 120 Km/hr. The fact fascinated me and I thought to draw one sketch of it. This is also an old sketch, I made it sometime in my childhood. This was the starting phase when I was self learning the shading part of my sketching. Initially, including this sketch, I used only HB pencil to make different shades, but as I got aware of different shades of pencils I started experimenting. The top layer of the sketch was difficult. As we always see a bunch of hair, sketching that and showing it on sketch is not so easy (probably not for a 14 year old young self-learning artist 😛 ). I made this sketch on A1 paper and tried to give it shades as clean as possible. The point to keep in mind is the way you handle the white sheet while sketching, because the pencil lead dust could make stain marks on the sheet which are very difficult to remove.

So, this is another sketch for my blog, this community. Another childhood memory, forcing me to restart sketching! 🙄