Back for Viz

It was 2015 when I started writing the blog posts on this page and sooner I left it because of unavailability of time and a bit of disinterest. That short span of engagement with wordpress community was wonderful. Looking forward to the same path, I am here again, with something better to learn and share.

Some background since last time I posted here: I have made many wonderful friends outside and within my work area, I have changed cities, I have changed my domain in which I was working, joined a dance group, started learning new things, started going to gym… and lot more things to make a positive impact on my life.

The reason to come back here is I was looking to learn something new and for learning something new and to improve in it, first you have to share what you know and later improve it with all the inputs you get.

I have started learning a new Visualization tool called Tableau and it really attracted me for making a new kind of Vizes for business and personal use. I made a public profile in Tableau, the link is below and I also tried my hands on some of the data.

My Tableau Public Profile

Those who dont know what tableau does, it is a tool for making data more attractive and readable  with the help of visualization converting the data into charts. It is a very powerful tool for making decisions at a higher level by understanding the data. You can created different sheets and dashboards, and add data from different data sources. This is just an overview, rest you can read about it anywhere on internet.

I will be sharing a few posts with the new vizes that I create. That will be fun.

So lets go ahead and Visualize. 🙂