5 Decisions to Improve Your Health

What split-second decisions can you make each day to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime?

1. Decide to get to bed on time
If you need to, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to get to bed for the seven to nine hours of sleep your body needs to function at its best. When you get enough sleep, you’ll make healthier decisions during the day.

2. Decide to make exercise a habit
Don’t make exercise a decision you make every day – make it an automatic “yes” that happens no matter what else you have on your plate.

3. Decide to take time for yourself
Tell your family you’ll get back to them in 10, shut the bedroom door, and take some deep, cleansing breaths. Lie down. Close your eyes. Turn your palms up. Clear your mind and give yourself the okay to rid yourself of negativity in your thoughts.

4. Decide to eat to live, not live to eat
Food is fuel. Realizing this makes choosing an apple over Cheetos much easier. Your body is a machine, and if you feed it with junk, you’re not going to feel your best. Feed it real, whole foods, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your junk food cravings begin to disappear – your body will yearn for nutritious foods.

5. Decide that your health is a priority
Your best life is a healthy life. Decide right now that you believe your health is a priority, and that decision will serve you well for years to come. That one decision can help you remember to take your supplements every day. That one decision will inform your choices at the grocery store and how you spend your personal time. That one decision can have you reaching for water instead of Diet Coke. That one decision can make all the difference in the world to you – and to your family.