Enlightenment is when a wave realises it is the ocean

Every one on this planet has something within.

A fire to live.

To move forward.

To earn the livelihood.

To beat the competition.

To win the race.

To be successful.

But it is the only thing that most of the people come to know in a later stage of life when the time is gone and the moment is passed.
Then they realise what they were capable of and what they should have done.
Most of the people live an ordinary life by doing whatever is give to them or whatever is required to live a normal life. But only successful people realise that what is hidden inside them. A zeal to become successful. A power to win over mind.

The situation is similar to a small elephant story that I shared a few days ago.
Same is the way mind works. Until and unless you realise your worth, you won’t be able to move forward. You have to know what you are capable of. And that will be the day when your journey of success will begin. You will not stop at anything but success.

You won’t be able to sit and see.

You will act.

You will be surprised by seeing the power you have within to accomplish something. You will become someone, most of the people wanted to become. But they never acted.

You did.
So it is just a matter of time and awareness to find your power within. But you have to find it as soon as possible. Because time never stops for anyone. Time will come, time will go; but you have to act. You are just like a wave in the ocean but you don’t know, You are the ocean.