It is wonderful to see how people are sharing their ideas and knowledge here on this blog. People sharing their thoughts and day to day experiences is such a nice thing to read, to learn and to share the cultural values from different corners of the world. With this blog, I would also like to add my 2 cents to this wonderful community and learn a lot.

A few of my hobbies are designing, singing, & management.
I love designing, drawing, painting, patterns, visualizations. I think this Universe itself is a design, from smallest of the particle called atom having a unique structure to the largest of the galaxies!

I started sketching in my childhood, but later on I shifted my focus to other interests and eventually left it. But, now again I have a dedicated time for it every week. I usually sketch with pencils of different shades. I always try to make things better in design and appearance. I just want to make things more beautiful, more attractive and more meaningful.

I also want to be motivated and motivate you through this blog. 
So keep sharing your views/comments and be awesome to this world.

Let’s make this earth a better place to live!!

Thank You for spend!ng A few m!nutes of your l!fe here.
You are awesome! 🙄