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Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is one God you can call your friend. Someone you can take liberties and call a prankster, cult-figure, the model lover, divine hero or Supreme Being at the same time. An… Continue reading

5 Tips On Reading

1. Just 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress by 60% and slower heartbeat. Reading as a habit reduces stress more than listening to music, drinking tea, walking or playing video games. 2.… Continue reading

Beautiful Rain

So, it started raining here. A beautiful season full of colours and joy and laughter and water. I found this poem somewhere with some essence of life. This is what I felt when… Continue reading

14 years old Cheetah Sketch

A cheetah Sketch:

Unplanned Holi visit to ISKON temple, Mayapur.

Holi, also known as festival of colours or festival of love, is celebrated across India and neighbouring south Asian countries. It is celebrated in the most parts of India and around the world.

Sidney Sheldon : The Naked Face review

Today I completed reading another novel of Sidney Sheldon: “The Naked Face”.

Pencil Cat

Cats are beautiful, cats are stylish. Another sketch drawn by me a decade ago.

Zebra Sketch

Its not been a long time when I made this sketch. Just few years before, 14 I guess. 😛

Sidney Sheldon: Memories of Midnight Review

Today, I completed reading the Memories of Midnight, which was published in 1990 by Sidney Sheldon.

Lost more then I gained

After 2 months, I went to my home town to attend one of my friend’s marriage.