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Enlightenment is when a wave realises it is the ocean

Every one on this planet has something within. A fire to live. To move forward. To earn the livelihood. To beat the competition. To win the race. To be successful. Advertisements

5 Decisions to Improve Your Health

What split-second decisions can you make each day to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime? 1. Decide to get to bed on time If you need to, set an alarm on… Continue reading

Keep Walking

Healthy habits always give you good results. The more you try to be healthy, more you become happy. There are different levels of exercises depending on your dedication and requirement. But the most… Continue reading

Motivation: Why you Started

Starting something is quite easy, difficult is to be consistent. Once we fail in moving forward, we get discouraged and quit. A person who is not motivated to move forward in that field,… Continue reading

Motivation: Nothing is permanent

Motivation of the day- 4/4/2017: Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, Not even our troubles.  -Charlie Chaplin

Motivation: Be Stubborn

Be Stubborn

The Elephant

As a man was passing the Elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge animals were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains,… Continue reading

Motivation: A Bird

Motivation of the day- 3/30/2017 See, how simple things in our life can give us a motivation. Its only the way of our thinking that could change our attitude towards life. Have you… Continue reading

Motivation: The Darkest Night

Motivation of the day- 3/29/2017

You Never Fail

Motivation of the day- 3/27/2017