Lost more then I gained

After 2 months, I went to my home town to attend one of my friend’s marriage. Advertisements

New Day

Wakeup- breakfast-work-lunch-work-dinner-sleep- Wakeup

Beach Trip

A few days eralier we went for a trip to a beach. Few of my friends are getting married, and they wanted a last trip with group so we planned a trip to a beach. Though… Continue reading

Transform for a better tomorrow!


Do Something

Do Something today, That your future self will thankyou for. Life is too short to accomplish all the things. Believe in yourself and do something. Make this earth a better place to live.… Continue reading

A quote by Mahatma Gandhi

First Words!

Hi, there! This is my first blog post on this page. I have been here for a while, just grasping the way bloggers write and I found it really amazing how bloggers like… Continue reading