Apart from other interests, one of the thing that I cannot put away from my self is sketch/design.

I started sketching in childhood, but later on I shifted my focus to other interests and eventually left sketching. But now I am looking forward to start it again. I usually sketch with pencils of different shades. And designing is my hobby. I always try to make things better in design and appearance. I just want to make things more beautiful, more attractive and more meaningful. I am not at that level yet as there is a lot lot more to learn in drawing, sketching, painting and many more things. I had started designing cars, started making sketches of few conceptual designs, but later on I realized that designing need a more deeper knowledge of automobile and that could not be achieved without a course. I did try to learn from internet and still do a few of designs.

I will share a few of my old sketches and designs, and I will start some the new ones as well.